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In 2018, the management skills improvement series of training courses officially started


The management skills improvement series training courses in 2018 are one of our company's major training programs this year. They are set up for key personnel in middle and high-level positions and team leaders of various workshops. They focus on common management communication skills, professional skills in actual production, and customer management. It is carried out in many ways, and strives to pass this series of courses to enable the company’s management to quickly improve the learning level, ideological level, management ability, professional skills and other qualities of the company. Good habits.

On April 19, the annual management skills training series kicked off, with more than 50 managers and elites from various departments participating. The first lesson of the training is a compulsory course to improve the overall quality of the corporate team-efficient communication in the workplace.

Before the start of the training, the company’s general manager Yu Jijiang mobilized the class. While raising concerns about the weak management skills, he also expressed the company’s importance and expectations for everyone. He firmly believes that through this series of training, middle and high-level leaders can become leaders and lead Company colleagues develop to a higher level.

In the class, Mr. Xie talked about the formation of communication barriers and the most effective methods for contacting barriers, analysis and application of communication skills between superiors, peers, and subordinates, and encouraged us to specify the problems and give suggestions for solutions in class. After class, some trainees took the initiative to submit their training experience, reflected on their daily work, and encouraged more colleagues to learn and seek more efficient working models.

The value of training is not in vain if the enthusiasm of the classroom is truly extended to the work. The change in the management thinking mode can not only affect the way of working, but also affect the whole body, invisibly, dissolving the resistance of employees to learning Psychological or inadequate situations will drive the learning enthusiasm and team awareness of the employees below, thereby enhancing the company's cultural atmosphere and work morale.

Really effective training is not in class, class is supplemented, day-to-day is the main thing, and the real ability is to apply the thinking in class to practical work.