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Hangji Corporation won the 2016


Business Gathering You and Me, Walking with Kindness 2017 Ronggui General Chamber of Commerce Ding Younian Charity Spring Festival was held last night, and the "Ronggui Street 2016 Outstanding Contribution Award Presentation Ceremony" was held at the same time. Individuals were commended to commend them for their contributions to the economic and social development of Ronggui in the past year, and to encourage more units and individuals to make greater efforts for the development of Ronggui.


The Outstanding Contribution Award is divided into three categories: large taxpayers, economic development and technological innovation, and charitable donations. Henderson Corporation won the 2016 "Economic Development and Technological Innovation" Award and the "Public Charity" Outstanding Contribution Award.


At the party, the Sun brothers (Sun Zhiheng, Sun Zhijian) donated 500,000 yuan to the Education Bureau of Ronggui Street for the purpose of using the Gaoli Primary School Education Fund. In the subsequent charity auction, Mr. Sun Zhiheng, the chairman of Henderson Group, started with the "Family Prosperity" of pottery art for 250,000 yuan. It is reported that a total of 3.55 million yuan was raised that night.