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Promote advantages and eliminate disadvantages, reform and innovate, streamline troops and simplify administration


On the afternoon of March 16, Henderson Group held a signing ceremony for the 2017 Business Performance Evaluation Agreement. Chairman Sun Zhiheng, Director and Vice President Sun Lingfeng, Group Executive Vice President Xie Zhixian, and the general managers of the 7 branches of Henderson Group attended the event. The meeting is the largest working meeting in the history of the group.

The meeting was presided over by Xiao Zhihai, the Group’s Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Xiao gave a brief explanation on the design ideas of the responsibility system. The purpose of signing the agreement is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, let the management team be the masters, and improve the company’s economic benefits. The principle of combining power and profit, sharing the company's operating results, reflects the group's core values: quality, efficiency, talent, reputation, and feedback.

Next, each business unit and the chairman of the group signed the 2017 business responsibility letter.

Then Sun Zhiheng, chairman of the group, delivered a speech. Sun Dong emphasized that this signing of the responsibility system is the first time in the history of the group. The group is diversified and the number of business units increases. It cannot be managed by one person alone. Each business unit also needs to find the best practices for its own management. The introduction of the accountability system can clarify the responsibilities, goals, and risks of professional managers, and also help stimulate the enthusiasm of the team and encourage more work and more benefits. Sun Dong also said that under the new competitive situation, Henderson must use new methods and new thinking to achieve good performance, and it will inevitably reduce various unreasonable cost consumption. It must be reformed to find a way out. As chairman, he will do his best to support the reform. At the meeting, Dong Sun also put forward the twelve-character reform policy of promoting advantages and eliminating disadvantages, reforming and innovating, and streamlining the administration. He said that he hoped that Hengji people would work hard and forge ahead in the next work, and successfully complete the goal by the end of the year.

After a short break, the conference entered the second link. Guangdong Henderson broke down the first-level responsibility system signed with the group, and the general manager Yu Jijiang signed the second-level responsibility system agreement with the marketing department and the manufacturing department. Finally, the meeting ended successfully.