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Teachers and students Liang Qianju visited our company


On March 28th, a total of more than 50 teachers and students from Hong Kong Liangqianju Middle School and Shunde Liangqianju Middle School visited our company together under the leadership of Director Yu Ruiling. The tripartite representatives of enterprises, schools, and students conducted in-depth discussions on school-enterprise cooperation, and all expressed their confidence and expectations for school-enterprise cooperation.

Hangji Industrial has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing excellence, practicing professionalism" and advocating an enterprise management model with leading technology and innovative management. The first stop for teachers and students is naturally to visit our exhibition hall. While Director Xiong and other Henderson representatives warmly received, they did not forget to explain our company's development history and achievements.

After visiting the exhibition hall, the teachers and students matched their hats and visiting shoe covers. Our representative led them to visit the aluminum workshop. There are strict requirements for entering the aluminum workshop. Everyone must wear disposable shoe covers and clean them before entering. From the strict and meticulous work before entering the workshop to seeing the employees’ orderly assembly line operation, the teachers and students of Hong Kong and Shunde Liang Kuanju Middle School further deepened their knowledge and understanding of the craftsman style of Hangji Industrial, which made the next tripartite meeting and communication more smooth and smooth. Rapport.

Strengthening communication and understanding is the prerequisite and guarantee for successful cooperation, and our company is duty-bound for school-enterprise cooperation. In response to the school and students’ questions, Director Xiong took the lead in introducing the current situation and future development of the company, which gave a boost to school-enterprise cooperation and strengthened the school’s, teachers and students’ confidence in Henderson. The school also reviewed the previous school-enterprise cooperation, and finally the student representative made a speech. After the tripartite discussions, the road to school-enterprise cooperation became clearer and smoother.

After a tiring day, the teachers and students of Liang Qianju Middle School were not tired. In front of the bronze statue of Master Mozi, they took a group photo with the reception representatives of our company. They were harmonious, happy and joyful. They were as vigorous and shining as Hangji.