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Hangji Industrial started well


The lion dance is auspicious to add aura, the drums make a good start

At 10:45, the lion dances are green, which means business is booming. Ruishi leaped into the air, ate the high-hanging lettuce in one bite, then bite it and spit it out, which means making money everywhere in the new year! Afterwards, Ruishi spit out a great blessing from the spirit of Longma, a year of good luck and blessing to all Henderson people!

Solemn flag raising ceremony, move forward in unison

A slight cool breeze blew across the land in the Spring Festival, and everything grew vigorously. With the vigorous and bright spring sun, six mighty and upright flag-raisers marched into the field in a vigorous way, and the solemn flag-raising ceremony was officially carried out. The flag is rising, and all Henderson people's best wishes for the prosperity of the motherland and the increasingly prosperous company are raised!

Ceremony to pay homage to the first master of Mozi, don’t forget the craftsman spirit

Master Mo Zi is a representative of artisans in the past. In 2017, Henderson Industrial invited this master in sincerity. The purpose is to let all colleagues remember and put the spirit of craftsmanship in place. We hope that every employee can realize his personal life on Henderson platform Greater value.

Practicing the spirit of craftsmanship and creating excellent execution! It is our guide for action in 2018. Let all of our colleagues unify their thinking, grasp the focus of work, and act immediately!

Director Sun Lingfeng launched the firing ceremony!

With firecrackers blasting fortune, business is booming and everything is good! With the sound of firecrackers, new days have begun again. Crackling, crackling, as the flame in the hands of Director Sun Lingfeng fell, the red dots like stars burst instantly, like red beans in a frying pan, dancing with joyful steps. Everyone covered their ears and dodged one after another, but they also had unstoppable impulse and excitement. Firecrackers blasted, and construction started! Wish the company's business is prosperous and prosperous!

Good start,give red packets!

The spring of Dongfeng Lishi is coming, and the business is booming every day, "Congratulations to get rich!" "Healthy!" "Thank you boss!" At the start of construction, the happiest part is to receive Chairman Sun Zhiheng, Director Chen Linchu and Deputy Director Sun Lingfeng The red envelope distributed by the president to employees! Looking at the smiles on everyone's faces, you will be energetic in the coming year, and everyone will work together to make money every day!

Have eaten roast pork and made a big career

Guangdong's pig-roasting skills have long been well-established and famous. In the traditional customs of Guangdong, roasted pig is not only a famous Cantonese dish, but also sublimated into an important food culture. Roasted pig often appears in various festive occasions, incarnate as the sincerity of praying and wishing. Cutting roasted pigs will be an important part of the ceremony. Naturally, this traditional custom is necessary for Henderson Industrial to start construction.

The skin is thin and tender, the bones are crispy, and the juice is outflowing. The roasted pig roasted by a strong fire is full of golden bubbles on the surface. It is crispy and delicious, while the inside is tender and juicy. After a bite, the aftertaste is endless.